Monday, June 1, 2015

May Moments // Birthday Recap!

Happy June!

I feel like I am sort of cheating with my favorite moments from May because I've shared most of them in posts last week. As you might have guessed, my trip to Mexico was the highlight of my month. Not only did I get to celebrate my birthday but I also got to spend quality time with my best friend and my boyfriend. 

I have never spent a birthday outside of the United States. I've generally traveled after my birthday or in June (back when I was in school). This was a totally different experience for me. Being on vacation in paradise made my birthday special regardless of what I ended up doing that day. 

Luckily Joe and I planned out a luxurious and relaxing day for my birthday. We started off the morning with mimosas and room service. 

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After lounging for a couple hours, we made our way down to the pool. We swam for a bit before meeting my best friend and her boyfriend for lunch. Afterwards we headed to the resort's spa for a couples' massage [Joe's first professional massage]. It was incredible to hear the waves crashing onto the beach while having my back massaged. I also went for an eye treatment and pedicure. 

Post spa visit, we relaxed until our dinner reservation [we were also surprised with a birthday cake at our room]. Joe got us a romantic private dinner for two on the deck overlooking the ocean at sunset. We watched the sun go down as we enjoyed our meal: yellow fin tuna carpaccio, guava sherbet with tequila, surf and turf (steak and lobster with mashed potatoes), coffee, chocolate fondant, and a surprise birthday cake! It was an incredible birthday that I will always remember. 

Another highlight of the trip was petting iguanas. After seeing iguanas on several vacations, I've still never gotten near one. This changed on our vacation. We could often find the iguanas perched along the sides of the resort pool. 

They eat flowers [we were able to pick some by the edge of the pool] and we got to feed them. After nibbling, they happily enjoyed being stroked on the top of the head, back, or stomach. It was the cutest thing. I can't wait to get the pictures developed from the waterproof disposable camera we used. 

All in all it was a great trip. 

My final favorite moment was when I accepted an offer to attend a graduate program this fall. This will be the furthest move I've ever made and I will make a video soon to announce all the details. I cannot believe that I got into grad school last month and have already signed up for classes! As I start to interact with future classmates, browse apartment listings, and purge my closet, it starts to feel more real. A lot of changes are coming. This will be a huge milestone in my life. I am so happy to document this journey. 

How was your May? 


  1. It all sounds very very exciting Mollie! So happy for you!
    Parie xxx


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