Monday, June 15, 2015

101 in 1001 Days.

Recently I haven't been inspired creatively. When I started creating content, I had a notebook bursting at the seams with ideas. As I have been putting out regular content for over a year now via YouTube and my blog, I have slowly lost some of that energy. I know that I am a different person than I was when I began this journey and I know I will be a completely different person a year from now as well. 

My life is changing completely with my move to New York City to attend graduate school [this is a welcomed change!]. Besides being a graduate student, I want to have my own identity and interests. I know my funds and schedule will look much different when I move so I want to get creative. I want to set some personal goals and bigger goals [more of a reach for me]. I read a post from my good friend Teresa who made a list of 101 things she wants to accomplish in 1001 days. She was inspired by another blogger. As I read through her goals, I thought about what a great idea this is [I may have stolen a few of her ideas!]! 

Here are my goals for the next 2.75 years:

Start Date: June 15th, 2015

End Date: March 12th, 2018


1. Write a letter to myself to open in ten years

2. Plan my wedding [Our goal is summer 2018 2017]

3. Learn more about photography

4. Use my Q&A A Day 5 Year Journal 

5. Create a morning or evening ritual for myself

6. Try making my own tea

7. Get to know all five boroughs of New York

8. Take an advanced sushi class

9. Complete my Project Life scrapbook 

10. Send postcards to 10 people when I move to New York

11. Take an art class [painting or stained glass]

12. Visit the library on a regular basis 

13. Branch out socially 

14. Volunteer at an animal shelter

15. Explore new interests 

16. Think about what I want to be when I grow up

17. Document my time in New York

18. Shop at the farmer's market twice/month

19. Use my planner for a full year without switching planners

20. Try one new recipe/week for two months

21. Make time for coffee dates with friends 

22. Spend less time browsing the Internet 

23. Eat seasonally whenever possible

24. Walk in Central Park twice/month

25. Try a meditation class

26. Learn more about Final Cut Pro X

27. Improve my sleep hygiene 

28. Lower my overall anxiety 

29. Attend a film festival 

30. Take a night for myself once/week

31. Remove an item from my closet every time I buy a new item

32. [Actually] Spring Clean!

33. Read a book on finances 

34. Learn how to wax my own eyebrows


35. Not take out any student loans 

36. Learn how to properly budget 

37. Do my own taxes [without my dad's help!]

38. Start a joint bank account with Joe

39. Start a savings account for my future home


40. Receive my Masters Degree

41. Attend a blogging conference 

42. Open an Etsy shop 

43. Improve and grow my blog

44. Find a part time job during graduate school

45. Grow my YouTube channel 

46. Start a second channel to document my life in New York

47. Increase my knowledge of HTML

48. Be more consistent with my blog [regular schedule]


49. Go back to Europe

50. Travel to Maine

51. Travel to Boston again

52. Vacation in the Hamptons 


53. Find my signature scent

54. Visit Disney World

55. Take a cake decorating class

56. Go on a food tour of New York City

57. Perfect making macaroons 

58. Visit every park in New York City

59. Start an herb garden 

60. Finish watching Friends [in order]

61. Make my own jam

62. Learn how to style my hair [not my current strong suit]

63. Create a recipe book/box of my favorite recipes

64. Take the ferry to New Jersey 

65. Make my own planner stickers 

66. Make chocolate croissants from scratch 

67. Read one recreational book each month

68. Berry pick & make a pie before I move

69. Master chess

70. See a Broadway musical 

71. Go to a drive in movie 

72. Learn calligraphy 

73. Ride a tandem bike [again]

74. Perfect my acai bowls 

75. Walk across the entire High Line

76. Enter a baking competition

77. Watch more foreign or independent films

78. Make more DIY beauty products

79. Take a salsa dancing class

80. Try out a new Christmas cookie recipe each year

81. Create my ideal office space

82. Find the perfect leather jacket

83. Write [just for fun!]

84. Watch the sunrise once 

85. Try a cronut 

86. Help Joe brew beer once

87. Try to make tequila with Joe

88. Visit a museum once/month

89. Improve my eyeliner game

90. Find flats that don't give me blisters

91. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans

92. Meet friends from blogging and/or YouTube

93. Make my own salsa

94. Attend as many happy hours as possible

95. Host a giant brunch for my friends

96. Have weekly Skype dates with friends and family back home

97. Shop at thrift stores more often 

98. Buy a Vitamix 

99. Make my own candles 

100. Complete my chocolate tasting book

101. Host a wine & cheese party

I challenge you all to do this post & please share it with me! 


  1. This is such a great post!! I hope you achieve everything you want to do, and I hope you share you journey along the way!
    Parie xx

    1. Thank you! You are the sweetest! I definitely plan to share my journey :) I cannot wait to read your post!


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