Wednesday, May 10, 2017

15 Items You Need To Put On Your Wedding Registry

One of the best parts of wedding planning is picking out items for your wedding registry. These days the options are limitless. In a previous post, I shared how to save money on your honeymoon by creating a Honeyfund registry. There are so many creative ideas out there for great gifts. The ideas below will offer you some quality recommendations for your home and future marriage. 

For The Home: This is the best time to collect quality pieces you may not want to splurge on yourself. Hotel sheets are a prime example of a small luxury you may not want to buy but definitely will enjoy in your home. 

Cleaning your new shared home is just one of the fun joys of marriage ;) What could make this better? A cordless vacuum!

For The Kitchen: The bulk of my registry suggestions are for the kitchen. What can I say--this is the perfect time to receive pieces you'll love and use in the kitchen. This is the time to ask for that KitchenAid mixer you've always lusted after or that high speed blender you desperately want for your morning smoothies. I personally can't wait to use our new KitchenAid mini mixer; it is slightly smaller (3.5 quarts) and is perfect in a one bedroom Manhattan apartment!

You can't find anything better for storage than these airtight containers. Joe and I have slowly been growing our collection since we moved to New York. Not only do these containers keep your food fresh but they are so sleek and perfect in a small space. These pop snack jars are also wonderful for tea and/or coffee. We have three and use one for tea, one for k cups, and one for other beverages (hot chocolate, cider, etc.). 

If you don't have a slow cooker, you need one in your life. Crockpots are ideal for long work days or cold winter nights (hello hearty chilis!). This is also a great registry option because it's affordable for guests with a smaller budget and they are sure to know you'll love it. 

Another great budget-friendly option is a tea kettle. I'm obsessed with this copper tea kettle

For Entertaining: We love sparkling water in my household. We also spend way too much on bottles of sparkling water each week. Being able to make our own sparkling water at home would be a dream and would be great for entertaining. 

For those wine and cheese nights, this monogrammed board and cheese knife set is absolutely perfect!

For parties or celebrations, it's nice to have a beautiful cake knife--you can use it on your wedding day as well. 

For Travel: Luggage is a practical and really nice idea to include on your registry. This checked bag is self weighing and has a phone charger built in! The carry on has the same features. But for daytime adventures on your honeymoon, you'll need a backpack as well.

Happy Wedding Planning!


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  1. The Kitchen Aid is one of the best investments your guests can make-- they last for years and you can do so many things with them!


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