Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Bachelorette Party in New Orleans

Not only am I blown away by the fact that my wedding is less than a month ago, I'm also amazed that my bachelorette weekend has come and gone. My maid of honor and I initially started discussing this celebration in January of 2016. New Orleans was my dream but I had no idea if we could pull it off and I'm still impressed that we did!

Seven ladies headed to New Orleans last Friday for the ultimate bachelorette weekend. Aimee [my MOH] and I arrived early that morning and begun decorating our VRBO. Friday night was spent getting to know each other and making flatbread pizzas. 

On Saturday, we headed out early(ish) and wondered around the French Quarter. We couldn't resist a visit to Cafe Du Monde for beignets and iced coffee. 

After some time in the French Quarter, we headed over to Dance Quarter, where we took a private dance class. I opted for Burlesque and it was so much fun! Our teacher even brought us feather boas to wear during the class.

Armed with bug spray and sunscreen, we headed out to the bayou. We went on a two hour swamp tour with Cajun Encounters. This experience was so peaceful. We saw tons of crocodiles and even some wild boars. Our guide also pointed out the tree that inspires Disney artists for the whiskey tree in the Princess and the Frog [see if you can spot the tree in my video!].

After our long day, it was time to get ready for night out. We also spent hours grooming before heading out to dinner and we enjoyed some local dishes [alligator, frog legs, jambalaya, gumbo, blackened shrimp, you name it!]. 

Of course we needed some way to keep track of each other and these cute temporary tattoos were perfect ;)

 For more of my bachelorette adventure: I made a video!


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  1. I was recently here and this is an amazing place for a wedding. I got a little carried away with the open bar. An open bar allows you to like any sort of music, even the most awful. Anyway, for those of you thinking to marry, these NYC wedding venues are the perfect spot.


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